Materials of all kind are fascinating Sandra ever since: She is keen on studying their characteristics to finally manifest their essential beauty in a usable object.
The DOTS bring this straight to the point.
Pure materials like polished copper, raw porcelain, colourful plastic and sand-blasted wood, reduced to the perfect form of a circle, are used to adorn your outfit in a playful & graphic way. Let’s get dressed and play!
Brooch from polished copper, reddish mirroring

Diameter: ca 2cm, 0,8mm thick

Please note: Colours on your computer screen are not always 100% accurate.


The appearance of this product will change. This brooch is made from pure copper. Copper oxidizes very quick, so the surface will tarnish, not always evenly. Also it has a mirror finish which is extremely delicate. To avoid scratching the mirror finish we advice to leave the surface as untouched possible and enjoy observing the aging process.

If you though wish to wipe it use nothing but a soft cotton pad!
If you wish to keep it light and shiny a copper polish from your local DIY or drug store will help.

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