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Shiny gold meets grooved structure: In this classic version of our RIFFLE collection we chose tonal, earthy colors as a contrast to the the polished, golden tube.


Delicate grooves add depth and tactility to these wearable sculptures. In collaboration with StudioScherzer, we crafted this collection making use of 3D printing production. This keeps it local, ethical, and eco-conscious.


Sweet pastels with a silky touch accompanied by a clear cut dot. Two shades of one colour showing its full depth – light and intense. Two forms based on a circle in a balanced combination. Simple and easy – just soft.


Hoop earrings from PLA, a biodegradable plastic made from renewable natural resources with an inbuilt earstud made of 925er Sterling Silver. Architect and Artist Thomas Scherzer engineered these distinctive yet so clear.


This tiny heart is for you. You as you are, unique as you are. Loved by you, loved by me, loved just the way you are.


This is an ongoing collection, evolving through time, but always manifesting the essence of the TURINA style: contrasting materials arranged in a clean yet playful way. Come celebrate with us!


Nothing as calming as these tiny, soft formed stones you find along the river or the seaside. With their surprising colours and gentle roundings they always invite to collect and arrange them. So we did.


The fascination of broken glass; light reflections on the edges make visible what is transparent and invisible in the first place. That surprising effect led us to design this collection of stylized crystals.


Deep colour, clear shape, a simple but playful arrangement – it’s all in the mix: Synthetic materials meet classy, refined chains. Let POP be your music for the eyes!


One of the most iconic scribbles manifested in a golden brooch: The concept of the uninterupted line consequently continues by forming the brooch needle from that same wire line.


Basic geometric forms from natural pear wood, frosted acrylic glass and lustrous gold-plated brass, all threaded on a fine silver chain. These different elements just hang out together while performing their balancing act.


The handfolded icon, not from paper but goldcoloured metal foil : A brooch as a symbol for life, love and adventure.